Tuesday, August 26, 2008

swagger like us!

ok this has the internet going nuts and everyone is posting it but not like me MY TURN LOL!!

Everyone is on this song so tough and i honestly feel its because of the name because this is what happens when you work hard to get to a certain level and make it but..here it is

beat isnt epic enough..kanye verse isnt amazing like it usually is
jay went in best on the song to me..lil wayne was murdered by everyone..and TI got off but with all that said..these are the top niggas in the game MINUS THE GAME lol but its to average for me for it to even be all hyped up enjoy though.


killa_ki said...

nawwwwwwww tip had the best verse on this track imo...

tip> jay > kanye > wayne on SLU

Joshton said...

the remix is gonna have jeezy on it.

Anwar. said...

i actually agree, and they needed 50 and jeezy on that shit, and pharrell, and fab, and swizzy

i almost left niggas out

C-San said...

its growing on me though but still its not CRAZY just an average song and jeezy should have been on it

keandrals said...


it goes

jay> kanye> tip>>>>>>>>>>>> wayne (he was slackin)