Friday, August 15, 2008


ok now i work at a summer camp with kids ages 5-14...i talk to alot of them about music because the number 1 consumer of music.(that actually buys cd's) is a 13 year old female (bet yall didnt know that) but anyway they all really believe lil wayne is the best rapper EVER!!! now he does work harder than damn near any rapper but he isnt the best in my opinion but i do think he is dope..but the funny thing is when lil wayne was my favorite rapper "out" was around my jr year of high school.. around the carter one and he was 10 times better then than now i dont get why he is so big now when he was better back then..what do you think???
old wayne

or new?

personally the old lil wayne in my opinion had a better flow better bars and sounded let me know what you think?

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CHALON said...

It's funny because back then I defended Lil Waine to my husband. He was amongst the people that couldn't stand Waine and down south hip hop and was only on that east coast hip hop. To my surprise, my damn husband put one of his Waine's new songs on his ringtone! I think Waine's confidence and his swag is carrying more than anything. Think about it, the teenagers now don't really have an understanding of what true hip hop is because they were brought up on garbage. So no wonder why it was so easy for Waine to manipulate people. lol..The old Carter was so much better especially some of the freestyles he did back then. But I lost my respect for Waine when my homeboy told me about their studio session(but that's a whole new story). I give Waine a 6 out of 10(on a good day). I am very critical and I've heard waaaay better.