Monday, August 4, 2008


I have been putting in alot of hard work lately and it is starting to pay off...i go to alot of shows every week and people are constantly coming up to me now recognizing me or telling me how much they like or love my music and to keep it up...or even calling me!! (my number is on my cd) but its a blessing but while at the u-n-i road to the vmas me and three-1-zero were approached and asked if we were who we are and then we were asked if we could get in a hit me like damn this is crazy...i really appreciate the support!!!

ps this is classic shit!!! i was thinking about this song all day at work!! and i didnt mean to cut chuck out the pic lol.

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JAEizF2d said...

Lol @ chuck for doing the rapper finger hahaha.

Props 2 me for being the first comment on your blog! Keep on grinding big lil homie