Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well i guess im kind of late with this whole blogging thing but who really cares..its time to be as many places as possible...but anyway for those who dont know me my name is C-san a hip hop artist who has been doing this for about 6 years i am currently pushing my third project which is entitled the birth!!! which is available for free download!!!! Well worth the download... it has been featured on alot of sites and to many to really name but i really appreciate everyone who has posted it especially the hundreds..but everyone i really appreciate the love and support...currently i am working hard at getting myself to the next level and the work is slowly starting to pay off so i really would like to shout out the fans and people who have supported me so far...this blog will show my journey to the next phaze in my career but here are some videos that will let you know how far i have came...thanks again to everyone and let the games begin!!

more videos really but to many to post search "C-San" on youtube for more


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