Monday, August 18, 2008

Homie this Sh*T is basic welcome to graduation!

School starts again in 2 weeks and all i got to say is F*ck!!! I dont know how to feel about school i dont feel i need it to be successful and a peice of paper does not define me!!(by the way i made the deans list this year which is a 3.5 or higher) and i can honestly say that i really dont feel good about that!

Anyway this post came to mind when i was listening to kanye the other day and the intro track to graduation. "Good Morning" i remember when i got that cd i saw him peform on jimmy kimmel with my friend bethany ( we couldnt get in so we stood on a parking structure) any way after it was over we all rode back to the dorms and i cant even describe how i felt when i first heard this song. Kanye isnt my favorite rapper but he inspires me more than any other artist because of his hunger and passion..
WAKE UP MR.WEST!!!!!!!!!!
Good Morning - Kanye West

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