Tuesday, August 19, 2008


simple yet the truth..one man i really look up to speaking the truth!!

Its crazy to me that this is far fetched for so many people..i posted the russel simmons book also to help people out and to realize alot of different things hopefully this will help you out also. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!


erinP said...

"just decide"

it sounds so simple but ppl cant seem to DECIDE what they want in life. and even when they do, they don't always do what they need to in order to get it because they get lazy or scared, or expect it to b handed to them. and they never realize it until it too late. so sad

Anonymous said...

wait what?

C-San said...

exactly! thats what i hate to see. but hopefully people can open their eyes..

and anonymous i know thats kiyoshi lol

Sunny Dae said...

so will smith is your inspiration..

what did that little boy in 10-12 call you...oh yea hancock =]] lol