Friday, May 1, 2009

Take your time young man.

Just venting here but i find it crazy how things actually pan out..When making music i feel like you have to have direction, have a purpose, and identity. I honestly feel like im just now finding that identity with the recent material i have been recording..Life is about growing and becoming better everyday and I am doing that as a person and as a artist. Even though the birth had some success I honestly would only play 1 or maybe 2 songs off there that i would be comfortable representing me as an artist and this is the true reason i feel i havent fully gotten to that next step. obviously one of those songs would be LA LIFE lol but things are on the rise man..I wish everyone else success but trust, me and my niggas is coming...OVERDOZ NOVA COMING SUMMER, CV VOL 2 COMING summer, I Want to work with quik coming soon! lets get it.

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