Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After constant debates and careful analysis,I have realized that EMINEM is the greatest "RAPPER" of all time point blank period. When it comes to composing rhymes and the flat out skill of rapping he is the greatest EVER. On relapse every song has a different unique flow and the wordplay, rhyme schemes, shadow boxing, delivery, and crazy use of syllables is unmatched. Now when you bring in the ARTIST part and impact on the game and classic material etc then NAS, Jay, Kanye, Pac, and BIG come into play but as far as flat out RHYMING, EMCEEING, or Rapping whatever you want to call it he is THE GREATEST (in my opinion atleast). Dont forget about his classic material to so you can throw him in top 5 with the whole artist aspect to but hey check out everything from infinite to relapse and tell me im lying.

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