Saturday, December 6, 2008

Found Him.

I was always thinking about all the "new" rappers in the game and who had the potential to be a legend or have a career with longevity. Like Nas, Jay-z, Busta rhymes, and Kanye of today but for the future. After alot of thinking i figured out there is no one until recently,I honestly feel like Drake is that dude. Lets see if im wrong! No offense to anybody of course and i do believe that hard work can get you further than talent thats why you see so many dope "rappers" never make it or so many Ball Players never make it and can ball they ass off. But check him out.

Cant Hide Freestyle - Drake

New Drake

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uyi said...

YES!! Drake has been my number one fave rapper for a while now. no one else is as dope as he is. okay you're dope too Chris. lol