Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Busy week. First was Espn zone with pops for Monday night football (wack ass game)

you know who we are...THE FORUM!

Studio with Three-1-zero and philly laughing and pointing at him..


Niggas thirsty in the cypher..

Anwar Laughing as Casey banging 60's

Convinced killing it

Studio with El prez and me beating somebody ass in 2k. You know how i do.

LOL you cant guess what is going on here. It involves yogurt land hahahaa

Studio with Casey Veggies

Then to another studio with CV and skeme..

Long day of work

Listening to the finished product...

Catch up....

Faded - Drake


Anonymous said...

This is Justin!
Wow! Crazy week! Looks like you got some dope songs coming! How was espn zone?

anyway, I need you to hit me up, I kinda need a favor from you.

hit me up at Just.4thquarter@gmail.com

Fly Guys said...

i feel you allllll the way on drake bra!!! keep doing yo thing