Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok now i havent been able to give a full update on everything but here is a try..first i want to thank everyone and i mean everyone who supported watched or helped out on the LA LIFE has been out for 2 weeks and has about 7,000 + views and has been featured on 30+ sites and blogs..(google C-san La Life).. I have also reached the 1,300+ online download mark for my latest cd the birth with about 1,200 copies in the street combining for 2,500+ copies independently and still counting! This in all actuallty very minor in the big scheme of things but progress and taking those steps!! thank you to all the sites thank you to everyone!!!! and o yea MY NEW PAGE IS UP AND RUNNING WITH NEW MUSIC PICS AND MORE!!!!!!!!!! Check it out..And look out for a new project along with my man three-1-zero titled LESSON PLAN hosted by ***********.com (cant give that away yet lol) but progresS is being made!!!


Here is one of my new tracks i will be posting new tracks every so often now just to have material out..

Trouble - C-San

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