Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Being still

One thing i hate is people who SIT STILL.. get off yo ass and do something even if its bad and you F*ck up atleast you put effort and and learn from your mistakes..always look to the next step anyway here are some artist who are frustrated with sitting still...but akon does speak the truth..everyone always think when i get signed this and i get signed that..the work is just starting.


Anwar. said...

I used to see these niggas all the time in St.Thomas... they tried to fuck with the same hoes I was fucking with! The funny part about it, thme hoes was 21 I was 13... them niggas was about the same age as them, but I still got them hoes!


Anonymous said...

what do u think abt this freestyle? do u think its weak?

C-San said...