Thursday, September 11, 2008

check out the website and its write up on me and LA LIFE..

"I met this cat at a UNI show over at the ROXY, and ever since then I think I've seen him everywhere. And that's a good thing because he's been everywhere pushing his music...he's on his grind and hustlin' hard. Above is his new video for a track of his "The Birth" project. Reppin' Inglewood and LA in general, down with Mr. Three One Zero, and has been mentioned on as well as attention and I'll have his project for posted for download tomorrow. For now watch the vid."

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mr. la said...

I just noticed how many typos and things i wrote in that lil write up...I need to fix that...posting The Birth today

b/c i realized how i still had not done that...I owe you sir

and imma link u in on my list