Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I dont Get it

THis video came on during a documentary i watched about hip hop and in this section of the movie this part i felt was so ridiculous. we have all seen tip drill but here is my opinion of the "Bitches and hoe" talk and women being mistreated.

OK ladies here it is and if this isnt you then dont be offended but are yall DUMB?!! I watched a documentary in class yesterday in class that was about hip hop and it was so negative and one part came on about women and they acted like these women are such victims. The women were at spring bling (not in tip drill) in booty shorts, thongs, bikinis and other short clothes walking around the street. THey complained about men touching them and calling them bitches and hoes now think for a second if you didnt wear that HOE uniform you wouldnt attract those things its all about your actions!!! nobody has the right to touch you but be serious. ALL OF you girls who take pictures of your body, or half naked put it on facebook or myspace or get drunk at parties and dance like your a hoe and wear clothes like that you invite guys to see you that way and treat you that way. Then when you get done dirty by one of those bum ass niggas you say "DUDeS AINT SHIT", No! look what you attract to yourself. Its all about how you carry yourself and its sad what yall do for the attention of us men. IF you dont want to be treated like a hoe dont wear the uniform or play the part. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOURSELF AND ACT LIKE A LADY!!!


keandrals said...

amen amen u tell them

elleB.Vega* said...

oooh stinkford, u like it ;)
call me later.<3 u.

Erica-Lindsay said...

OMG! That video was tooooooo much. ahhhh!

Myke B said...

amen my brotha. amen

c.little said...

thank you for being 100.
you can only make or break the situations you are put into.


p.s. MISS YOU!