Sunday, January 11, 2009

50 cent!!!!

Look man this is real talk, say what you want about 50 but he is one of the only ones staying true to himself right now. Alot of these artist are trying to "Evolve" with hip hop and do this auto tune and blah blah and im a rockstar this and that..ITS ALL TRENDS!!


Anonymous said...

yea i agree. he has stayed to his true self all these years. a true hater.

mr. la said...

these kinds of interviews are exactly WHY i fuxx with Curtis 50 Cent "MONEY MAKING" Jackson

say what u want but he always speaks his mind and backs up his points. back in the day folks used to say i wish rappers would say what they don't agree we have that rapper and everyone says he's a hater...

oh and by the way C-San, FLOSS ANGELES!!!